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Our goal at Phoenix is to build a long lasting relationship with industrial and commercial clients by completing projects in a safe and timely manner. Here at Phoenix our employees pride themselves on being professional and reliable at all times.


Phoenix Industrial Contractors is capable of handling commercial and industrial mechanical contractor projects of any size. We can provide mechanical contractor solutions for your local, national or international company.


Our commercial and industrial mechanical team and project managers can provide complete project management for many types of projects. From planning to completion we strive to stay on budget and complete work within your time frame.

Injection Mold Pipe Insulating

Injection Mold Pipe Insulating


Injection Mold Maching Piping System

Injection Mold Machine Piping System


Shut Off Valves

Shut Off Valves


Mechanical Contractor Services


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Here is a list of services you and your company may need:





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